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Hi and welcome to Eat.Sweat.Thrive.!
I’m Kathryn Tamblyn. By day, I’m a Certified Nutritionist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, yogi and green smoothie addict. By night, I’m a traveler, with a penchant for margaritas, Michael Jackson, nail polish, and Friends.
After spending most of my twenties working my butt off in Hollywood, I traded it in to pursue my passion for health and fitness full-time. I work with clients in Hollywood and around the world, helping them get healthy from the inside out, so they feel amazing, achieve their dream bodies and smash their goals. 
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Last year, my boyfriend, Tom and I moved from LA to Thailand. Crazy, right? We had so much of the world to see and experience, and were not excited about living the “American Dream.” So, we sold everything we owned and took our businesses on the road. . . and it’s been AWESOME! After lots of traveling around and living out of suitcases, we’ll be based in Bali for the rest of 2017.
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I started Eat.Sweat.Thrive. as a little hub for health and fitness, wellbeing and wanderlust. My hope is to inspire and empower you to live a healthy, happy and vibrant life.

“Eat.Sweat.Thrive.” refers to the three daily fundamentals that create a solid foundation for health and happiness.

EAT. Eat a colorful, balanced diet of mostly nutrient-dense whole foods. 

SWEAT. Get your body moving and break a sweat.

THRIVE. Do something that inspires you, brings you joy and lights you up.

Here, you’ll find content ranging from healthy tips and tricks, delicious recipes and go-to workouts, to city guides, travel recommendations, and life hacks I’ve learned along the way. 

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Thanks for visiting. Please pop by often and say hello! 

James Bond Island Trip

Photos by Faith See & Tom