Let’s talk about Organifi Green Juice aka, my favorite, go-to organic greens powder. 
So many of my clients ask me what the best greens powder on the market is, and I always recommend Organifi
As you probably know by now, I’m VERY into my green smoothies. But, I’m often traveling and on the go with no access to produce, let alone a Vitamix. So, I rely on Organifi for a daily superfood boost, and I truly don’t go anywhere without it (did you watch the video?!).
My friend, Drew Canole from FitLifeTV created Organifi and knowing how selective the company is when it comes to quality ingredients, Organifi does not disappoint. 
Here’s the full list of awesome ingredients:
Organic Chlorella
Organic Spirulina
Organic Moringa
Organic Mint Leaf
Organic Red Beets
Organic Matcha Green Tea
Organic Wheatgrass
Organic Ashwagandha
Organic Turmeric
Organic Lemon
Organic Coconut Water
You’ve got amazing vegan sources of protein, healthy fats, iron, calcium, folate, electrolytes, antioxidants, and even the amazing Ayurvedic adaptogen, ashwagandha (which I’ve never seen in any other greens powders).
NO fillers. NO additives. NO artificial ingredients! 
Can I get a “kale yeah”?
It really is the perfect blend of organic superfoods and herbs that will supercharge your body, and as Drew likes to say, “supercharge your life!” It’s totally cheesy, I know. . . but I agree! 
It’s worth noting that Organifi does not contain probiotics like some greens powders, so be sure you’ve got that covered. 
You’ll find even more ingredient details HERE
Now, I’ve tried every greens powder under the sun, and they typically taste like dirt/grass and require a chaser. 
BUT, Organifi is actually delicious and refreshing with a subtle sweetness to it, thanks to the mint leaf, matcha green tea, and coconut water. There’s no overwhelming taste of grass here! 
I’ll even add Organifi to smoothies for a superfood boost and it just makes them taste even better. That does NOT happen with other greens powders! 
Another plus, I’ve never had a problem with drinking Organifi on an empty stomach. Most greens powders give me a stomach ache if I don’t pair them with food. 
Making Organifi is convenient, fast and easy. Just put the powder in a bottle, add water/coconut water/almond milk, shake, and voila! It’s ready in 20 seconds tops. 
And when I’m on the go, the single serving go-packs come with me. I’ve even mixed up a batch of Organifi while riding on a camel in the Abu Dhabi desert. True story – just watch my Organifi Around The World video. . . So yes, it really is THAT easy.
If you’ve ever made your own superfood juices you know the time, money and clean up it requires. . . and if you’re like me, those factors often result in not making juices at all. So, I love that Organifi removes all of those excuses from the equation. 
You’ll find all the ordering info HERE
Now, Organifi is on the pricier end of the greens powder spectrum due to its higher quality, organic ingredients. You guys know I’m all about quality ingredients, so the cost is 100% worth it to me. 
To save money, they do provide discounts for bulk orders, but make sure you like it before placing a large order.
Also, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so they clearly stand by the product, which I love! 
Last thing – be sure to take note of the subscription plans when you’re purchasing. 
As far as greens powders go, it doesn’t get much better than Organifi.
Try it and let me know what you think!